Re-accreditation of Training Unit

AGES is proud to be at the forefront of training in advanced endoscopic training on a global perspective and encourages all units to continue as an AGES Accredited Training Site.

Unit Information

Re-accreditation Application for an AGES Accredited Training Site

The AGES education subcommittee has developed a standard application for re-accreditation of a training centre. This application has been subject to extensive peer review and covers a wide variety of educational needs as well as surgical requirements and expectations for training. A minimum of two supervisors will be required for a centre to be recognised as a training site.

For approved sites, the curriculum and assessment tools will be provided and undertaken within the unit’s own infrastructure. For prospective training sites, the central application and interview process will facilitate the review of all prospective trainees at one time and in a single location.

The delivery of training will continue to be the responsibility of individual facilities, albeit within the guidelines that have been established by AGES.

Please apply using the online application forms below.

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