Re-accreditation of Training Unit

AGES is proud to be at the forefront of training in advanced endoscopic training on a global perspective and encourages all units to continue as an AGES Accredited Training Site.

Unit Information

Re-accreditation Application for an AGES Accredited Training Site

This application form is designed to help you document evidence of your Unit’s specialist capabilities in training advanced gynaecological endoscopic and/or laparoscopic surgeons, aligned with the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery (AGES) Advanced Training Program (AATP).

This form must be completed for the re-accreditation of an AATP Training Unit by the AGES Society or if there is any material change in the ability of the unit to deliver the AGES Curriculum over the accreditation period (e.g. resignation/change of Training Unit Director, an increase in the number of training places etc.).

Applications should be submitted 3- to 6-months before the date of expiration of your Unit’s accreditation. Incomplete applications will be returned with a request to provide the missing information, which may delay processing. Re-accreditation will be based on the information presented in this application. An interview may also be scheduled to seek clarification of documentation.

The initial recommendation to the AGES Education Committee will be made by educationalists familiar with the AATP:

  1. The unit should be re-accredited for 5 years from the date of expiration of the current accreditation.
  2. The unit should be re-accredited for a shorter period of time (e.g. 3 months) pending submission of further evidence to meet standards to successfully deliver the AGES curriculum.
  3. The unit should not be re-accredited.

The AGES Education Committee will review the recommendation and make a final decision, referring to the AGES Board as necessary.

Applicants may appeal the decision by emailing the Chairperson of the Education Committee at

The following must be submitted for each application:

  1. Completed Application for Re-accreditation as an AATP Training Unit (link below).
  2. Completed Supervisor Agreement and Requirements forms for each Supervisor including the Director (link below).

Fee: $1,500 plus GST - payable to the independent reviewer via AGES

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