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AGES has been alerted to some Apple (Mac/iPhone/iPad) users who have been having difficulty logging into the AGES Members section of our new website. Please find a few tips from our IT experts below.

Browser, the AGES website works best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari. If you are having trouble signing in to any of the listed browsers please contact the AGES Secretariat.

Cookies, please ensure that you have enabled all cookies in your browser.

    • Edge > Settings > Privacy & security > Cookies > Select preferred Cookie settings
    • Firefox > Options > Privacy & Security > Select preferred Cookie settings

Cache, clearing the cache is another way to fix problems with the login process. Either reloading the page or holding shift and pressing the refresh button in the browser (this will force Mac browsers to reload the page from the server without using cache) and should return the correct login form.

Phone's using Safari, please open Safari > Preferences > Privacy > ensure that "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" is off and "Block All Cookies" is off

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