The AGES society is committed to education, research and advocacy for women’s healthcare.  Providing the educational opportunities for both members and the broader community is essential to improving the outcome of women.

Members Resources

AGES Clinical Research Grants

The AGES Research Fund was founded in 2003, to support surgical research in gynaecology.  The first awards for funding were granted in 2003 and since that time, more than 96 different projects have been funded or part-funded with more than 1.3 million dollars in grants allocated.  Multiple large-scale randomised controlled trials, prospective cohort studies and retrospective reviews have received funding and had results published in national and international Journal.

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Awards & Fellowships

With a strong focus on continued education, the AGES Society proudly supports a variety of awards, grants, scholarships.  Over $23,000 AUD is awarded annually to both local and international applicants.

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Surgical Performance

SurgicalPerformance is a simple, accurate and confidential tool that allows individual surgeons to record their surgical performance. The data collected is essential to providing bench-marked feedback in order to self-assess and improve. Its main task is to support doctors by providing them with information on their treatment outcomes.

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The eScope is an AGES electronic newsletter that is distributed out to the members 3 times annually. The Editor and Vice-President of AGES, Dr Stephen Lyons works with number of industry professions  to deliver high-quality content for the AGES membership.

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Journal Subscriptions

As a special membership benefit of AGES, the society provides options to receive a variety of journals that include: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynaecology (JMIG), International Urogynecology Journal (IUJ) and the Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders (JEPPD).

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SurgeryU delivers high quality, high definition surgical video to members of the AAGL through live streaming events and through our on-demand video library

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Surgical Synopses

AGES Surgical Synopses are a compilation of the latest guidelines for members to regularly review and ensure evidence-based practices

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Past Meetings & Workshops

With two decades of AGES society meetings and workshops, the AGES website offers members access to a number of outstanding resources, both past, and future.

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AGES welcomes members to submit their interest to volunteer in areas including but not limited to various Committees, Free Communication judging and presentations.

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Financial Reports & Minutes

The AGES board values transparency and strives for excellence in the ethical, legal and financial governance of the society.

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Other Resources

AGES Membership Logo and Pre-Operative Planning Form is available here.

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General Resources

AGES Webinars

The AGES Webinar series aims to deliver information and education to viewers through live online events.

Please check the events page for the next live AGES Webinar.

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AGES COVID-19 Bulletin Board

AGES will be posting new information here relating to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This page aims to offer the AGES community information to assist and navigate these challenging times.

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AGES Digital Library

AGES Strives to provide the best education and surgical training for its members. The AGES Digital Library exemplifies these principles through providing members online access to the AGES on-demand video library that shares access to a range of high quality, high definition surgical videos.

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AGES Constitution

The objective of AGES Society is to provide a forum for education and for the dissemination of knowledge and for research in relation to gynaecological endoscopy and surgery.

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AGES Policies

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AGES Society Art Prizes

The Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery (AGES) Society are proud to announce that the annual AGES Society Art Prize was held again in 2020, with the winner providing artwork for the 2021-2022 event calendar.

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Other Societies

The collaboration between AGES and other international societies is paramount for the continual development of gynaecological minimally invasive surgery and improvement in womens’ health and quality of life.

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