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AGES will be posting new information here relating to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This page aims to offer the AGES community information to assist and navigate these challenging times.

AGES: Education Response to Trainees RE: COVID-19

Published 27th May 2020

Please find a downloadable update, Education Response to Trainees RE: COVID-19

All COVID-19 updates can be found here on the AGES COVID-19 Bulletin Board. Updates specifically relevant to Trainees will be posted here and subsequently added to the "Trainee Information" page.

Please click here to view the Trainee Information - COVID-19 section of the website.

AGES Mental Health Webinar - Resources

Published 7th May 2020

Please find a downloadable list of resources for Mental Health across Australia & New Zealand.

AGES COVID-19 Update

Published 24rd April 2020

A message from AGES President, Stuart Salfinger:

Dear Members & Colleagues

On Wednesday the 22nd of April the Federal Government announced that from Monday the 27th April 2020, all Category 2 and some important Category 3 surgeries can recommence across the public and private sectors, specifically this includes:

  • IVF
  • Screening programs (cancer and other diseases)
  • Post cancer reconstruction procedures (such as breast reconstruction)
  • Procedures for children under 18 years of age
  • Joint replacements (incl knees, hips, shoulders)
  • Cataracts and eye procedures
  • Endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures

In response to this Federal Government announcement AGES has released the following gynaecological surgical category tool for your reference.

We strongly encourage the responsible use of this increased capacity in a manner to preserve PPE and ensure that the health sector has the capacity to respond to surge demand from COVID-19 if required. We encourage surgeons aim to stay within the bounds of the “25% of current available capacity” limits. Respect and restraint at this stage will hopefully allow further relaxation soon down the track whereas flaunting the rules and limits will likely lead to tighter controls.

Stuart Salfinger
AGES President

**Please find the full document below, including a breakdown of the gynaecological surgical category**

AGES COVID-19 Informational Resources


AGES COVID-19 Informational Resources

Published 9th April 2020

NASOG (National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists)

NASOG COVID-19 Update: Private Hospital Contracts and Indemnity News.

Please click here to access information released by NASOG pertaining to:

  • Agreements with private hospitals: Check before you sign
  • Assisting with the COVID-19 Workforce
  • Good news on indemnity
  • Looking to the future
  • Useful resources

AGES Webinar

Published 4th April 2020

AGES is pleased to share the first of the AGES Webinar series:

AGES COVID-19 Information Resources

Published 27th March 2020

  • AGES COVID-19 Risk Minimisation Tips
  • AGES Statement on Surgical Urgency & COVID-19
  • Gynae Case Prioritisation - COVID-19

COVID-19 Links

COVID-19: medico-legal advice for doctors and practices

MDA National
MDA National COVID-19 advice

Fair Work Australia
Coronavirus and Australian Workplace Laws

Dr Andrew Miller – AMA(WA) president and greats source of information on COVID/Politics and Medicine.
Dr Andrew Miller's Blog "

AGES Upcoming Workshop & Event Updates

Published 24th March 2020

  • AGES Upcoming Workshop & Event Updates:
    Please ensure that you check the AGES website for the most up-to-date information regarding dates as we closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the scheduling of AGES workshops and events.
  • Please check the Events section for updates regarding particular events and workshops.

*Other society event information is not updated on the AGES website, each event has a link to the respective organisations event page.

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Industry Partner Webinars

Industry Partner Webinar

COVID-19 Update

Published 27th April 2020

A message from AGES Industry Partner Johnson & Johnson

You're invited to attend live webinars on Tuesday, 28th April 2020. 

AIS JJI Global Perspectives Thoracic Webinar

28th April,  8.00pm WA time, 9.30pm SA & NT time, and 10.00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS). Please click here to join.


Bariatric Webinar

3.00pm WA time, 4.30pm SA & NT time, 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS).

Please click here for further information.


Industry Partner Webinar

April 27 - 3.00pm - 4.00pm ET USA

Looking ahead: Navigating alternative sites of care for operative hysteroscopy 

Published 23rd April 2020

A message from AGES Industry Partner Medtronic


You're invited to attend the live webinar on Monday, April 27th at 3:00PM - 4:00PM ET

When elective surgeries begin to ramp up again, you may be considering alternatives to performing hysteroscopic cases in the hospital OR. Join us for a one-hour live discussion on how to navigate your hysteroscopic cases post COVID-19, and how to plan ahead to safely perform procedures in your office setting.

Topics will include:

  • Benefits of performing procedures in an office setting
  • Physician/patient preparation
  • Hysteroscopic techniques in the office
  • Coding/reimbursement

This live event will be led by Charles E. Miller, MD, FACOG Chicago, IL (

To register, please click here.

“This virtual international meeting is hosted offshore and may include information on therapies which are not approved in Australia and/or New Zealand. You acknowledge that Medtronic Australasia does not in any way endorse or promote the content of the material contained through this link. Please review applicable product labelling for your country for indications and instructions prior to use.”


Industry Partner Webinar

April 16 - 18: Leadership During COVID-19

Published 22nd April 2020

Published 16th April 2020

A message from AGES Industry Partner Johnson & Johnson

"Dear All,

Attached is a promotional webinar newsletter for this week’s “Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to be delivered in two successive parts. These will be delivered on the AIS Channel on

(11.00pm – WA Time)
PART 1: APRIL 17 (1.00am – AEST (Syd/Melb/Bris/Tas), 12.30am SA & NT Time)

(11.00pm – WA Time)
PART 2: APRIL 18 (1.00am – AEST (Syd/Melb/Bris/Tas), 12.30am SA & NT Time)"

For more information click here

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