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Current AGES Trainees going through the AGES training program.

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2019 / 2020

Albert Jung Eve Health
Lior Levy Monash
Lalla McCormack RHW Sydney
Robert Carey Flinders Medical Centre
Vanessa Ross RWH Melb Unit 1
Amy Feng SWAPS
Brindaa Thamarajah Liverpool/Campbelltown
Rose McDonnell King Edward Memorial
Praveen DeSilva SWEC
Samuel Daniels SWEC
Rachel Collings GCUH
Russell Duncan RPA

2020 / 2021

Pavitra Nanayakkara Epworth
Emily Twidale Waikato
Kate Martin North Adelaide
Vanessa Lusink Townsville
Barbara Lowes SWAPS
Nargis Noori Westmead
Keryn Harlow RWH2/Mercy
Lauren Hicks Mercy/RWH2
Tanushree Rao Campbelltown
Kate Tyson Monash
Alison Bryant-Smith CARE
Naman Dahiya Nepean
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