AGES Webinar: COVID-19

2nd April 2020

Chair: Rachel Green
Presenters: Dr Jubilee Brown (AAGL), Dr Belinda Lowe, Dr Rebecca Szabo, Dr Victoria Brazil & Julie O'Reilly (William & Buck)

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Webinar Information

The webinar featured 3 presentations:

The first, Dr Jubilee Brown, 2020 president of the AAGL and who spoke at the AGES ASM in Perth in 2019. The United States has seen a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, therefore AGES felt that Dr Brown could offer significant insight from her experience. Dr Brown addressed a number of issues including the safety of surgery, most specifically MIS in COVID-19 cases.

The second presenters included Dr Belinda Lowe, Dr Rebecca Szabo and Prof Victoria Brazil, simulation experts from Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Dr Belinda Lowe, RANZCOG Fellow, Dr Rebecca Szabo (speaker at the AGES ASM 2020), RANZCOG fellow and Prof Victoria Brazil (also a speaker at the AGES ASM 2020) is an ACEM fellow. All are simulation experts and went through a scenario of donning and doffing PPE and theatre preparedness for gynae emergencies with COVID-19 so we may best protect ourselves during surgery.

The last speaker of the evening was Julie O’Reilly from William Buck. Julie went through the government assistance for practices during this time, and to help our members understand the financial assistance policies that will keep them running.

AGES COVID-19 Support Webinar
Thursday 2nd April
7pm (AEST)

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