COVID-19: Tips for keeping your practice running

Published 24th March 2020

A number of our fellow members have offered some practical tips for the health and safety of you, your staff and patients during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

You may wish to consider these suggestions in addition to other steps recommended by government health workers and other official sources, namely:


Tips for Staff

  • None to attend if any symptoms
  • None to attend if any exposure to at risk persons
  • None to attend if travel <14 days
  • All to ensure maintain strict social distancing whilst not at work
  • Have dedicated work clothes – (scrubs ideal) change and shower as soon as you get home.
  • Minimize jewellery
  • Take care with phone and where you leave it
  • Liaise with staff early about possible changes to hours and conditions.


Tips for Patient

  • None to attend if travel < 14 days International or Domestic
  • None to attend if any symptoms
  • Minimize wait room time
  • Maximum of 1 support person per patient and No children
  • SMS reminders (easily done in Genie etc) rules re visitors and COVID risk
  • Text to patients
  • Check in then either Wait in car to be called/ walk around block etc
  • Space appointments out
  • Minimize wait room


Tips for Consultation

  • Telehealth wherever feasible
  • Be aware of the restrictions and rules surrounding the new numbers
  • MBS link below
  • Consider telehealth for history to minimize time in rooms then the FTF consult is exam only.


Tips for Environment

  • Remove all non-essential items flowers/magazines/water cooler etc
  • Including from front desk and all work desks
  • Signage at door
  • Seating 2m apart
  • Open doors – main and consulting
  • Regular (hourly) wiping surfaces
  • Card Only payment
  • Staff eat at desks
  • No sharing tearoom without 2m rule
  • Deliveries at door only – try to leave opening to next day
  • Disposable bed/pillow covers

Look after your own wellbeing

Other Resources

This is a stressful time for everyone, be kind and patient. The college has excellent resources for those finding the stress too much and needing assistance.

MDA National
MDA National COVID-19 advice

Dr Andrew Miller – AMA(WA) president and greats source of information on COVID/Politics and Medicine.
Dr Andrew Miller's Blog

Please continue to look after yourself and your families through these unprecedented times. We will monitor the situation and ensure we keep all members up to date as the events evolve.

Stay safe.

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Stuart Salfinger,
AGES President

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