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AGES has introduced a two year national training program in advanced gynaecological endoscopy to facilitate endoscopic training in Australia and New Zealand.

This program, the result of a decade of collaboration between AGES, RANZCOG, leading clinicians, trainees and researchers throughout Australia and New Zealand, provides a template for the standardisation of training in advanced endoscopic surgery. The introduction of this program preempts the activities of other international societies, such as the American Association of Gynecological Laparosocpists (AAGL) and the European Society of Endoscopists (ESGE) process. As such, AGES is proud to be at the forefront of training in advanced endoscopic training on a global perspective.

Education Chair: A/Prof Anusch Yazdani

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The AGES Fellowship Program

Partners with your Facility

AGES has introduced the program to facilitate endoscopic training in Australia and New Zealand. This program, conducted over two years, will assure consistency in trainee education, access to resources and remuneration. Individual training sites have been (and will be) approved by the AGES Education subcommittee, based on standardised criteria.

The responsibility of training will continue to rest with individual units and not AGES.

AGES Training Program Information
AGES Accredited Training Program Curriculum

Why is the AGES Training Program Necessary?

AGES recognises the need for a standardised training program to facilitate endoscopic training in Australia and New Zealand. This will assure consistency in trainee education, access to resources and remuneration. Prospective trainees applying to a unit can be assured that their training will meet a minimum standard, that they will have access to appropriate facilities and that they will receive fair and equitable remuneration.

AGES will facilitate application to the training program by a central process to be advertised prior to the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting each year.

Interviews will take place during the March 2018 ASM in Melbourne and applicants must be registered delegates. Positions will be open to local and international graduates in a competitive application process.

AGES is not responsible for individual trainee appointments and training sites will appoint trainees directly subject to local jurisdiction.

Not a Subspecialty - Just Fair, Equitable & Standardised Training

AGES does not support the formation of a de-facto subspecialty. The AGES Fellowship training program merely formalises the existing training that occurs under the auspices of various dedicated individuals throughout Australia and New Zealand. There will be no degree awarded at the completion of the program.

Application for an AGES Accredited Training Site

Any unit may apply to become an AGES Accredited Training Site. The AGES education subcommittee has developed a standard application for accreditation of a training centre. This application has been subject to extensive peer review and covers a wide variety of educational needs as well as surgical requirements and expectations for training. A minimum of two supervisors will be required for a centre to be recognised as a training site.

For approved sites, the curriculum and assessment tools will be provided and undertaken within the unit’s own infrastructure. For prospective training sites, the central application and interview process will facilitate the review of all prospective trainees at one time and in a single location.

The delivery of training will continue to be the responsibility of individual facilities, albeit within the guidelines that have been established by AGES.

Application forms are available on the AGES website,, or from the AGES Secretariat.

Cost for the Application

The following fees are applicable. Accreditation per unit is AUD 3300, this fee is for certification of a site to cover ongoing costs. For training sites an annual fee of AUD 1500 per site per trainee is payable. Invoices will be sent and are payable in the first quarter of each year.

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