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About The AGES Society

Since its inception in 1990, the AGES Society has built on its mission to promote the safest and highest standards of clinical and minimally invasive surgical care for women through its three tenants of education, surgical training and clinical research.

Now in its 27th year, the AGES Society is the premier gynaecological surgical association representing the majority of practising gynaecologists in Australia and New Zealand, with links to other societies throughout the Asia-Pacific region and international collaborations.

The AGES Society Board welcomes you and invites you to interact with your board, the membership and become involved in your surgical society. The many achievements of this Society have only been made possible by participation and collaboration and we look forward to many more years of success.

AGES provides members, guests and women in general with information regarding its state-of-the-art conferences, surgical workshops, and the surgical services available in the continually developing field of minimally invasive surgery.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage high standards of Gynaecological Surgery
  • To provide a forum for discussion and innovation in all aspects of Gynaecological Surgery
  • To organise scientific meetings for the exchange of knowledge and expertise
  • To provide a network of experienced Gynaecological Surgeons to optimise patient care and facilitate liaison with other health professionals
  • To encourage scientific research and publications on Gynaecological Surgery
  • To acknowledge individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Gynaecological Endoscopy
  • To provide opportunities for training in Gynaecological Surgery by organising workshops and training courses


AGES believes that most gynaecological problems can be safely managed by minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic, hysteroscopic or vaginal approaches.

AGES strives to help its members:

  • Achieve the appropriate training
  • Evaluate the latest evidence
  • Deliver the benefits of this form of surgery to their patients

AGES has supported the RANZCOG in the development of guidelines for performing advanced operative laparoscopy and endoscopic surgery, and in continuing professional development (CPD) through many of its innovative practice review and clinical risk management (PR and CRM) programs.

Annual scientific meetings:

Scientific meetings have long been the foundation of the AGES society success. Our annual scientific meetings showcase international experts and are a forum for excellence and exchange of ideas. The national faculty represents all areas of surgical care in our profession and frequently invites colleagues from associated specialty areas to present, engage and educate the membership.

Annual pelvic floor meetings:

With the introduction of the pelvic floor meetings in 2000, the AGES society entered a new era of surgical education with the inclusion of both subspecialists and generalists alike in this important and ever changing filed of surgical care. Their popularity has endured and they remain an important method of disseminating the very latest innovations, techniques and information.

Special annual focus conferences:

Responding to an unmet need for education in a variety of fields that often fall outside the realms of science and evidence, the annual focus meeting hones in on a specific area in our specialty. These have included office gynaecology, surgical complications, practice and risk management as well as many other scientific fields.

Clinical research grants and awards:

The Society recognises the imperative to practice and promote evidence-based surgery and in keeping with this mantra, the AGES Society clinical research grants program was established in 2003 with our industry partners. Since that time, more than 65 separate studies have been funded or part funded with close to $1,000,000 granted to AGES members.

The funding of trainee projects and reviews through to large-scale randomised trials has cemented this pillar of the AGES Society as a bastion for the promotion of evidence and the inclusive nature of the program.

Fellowship training program:

With an ever decreasing number of surgical cases, how to adequately train skilled gynaecological surgeons has been discussed in any number of fora with the AGES Society making substantial progress by proposing, establishing and completing the first group of trainees through a two-year structured training program.

In 2015, five College Fellows received joint AGES and unit certificates at the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting denoting them as the inaugural group of AGES trainees to satisfactorily complete the training program.

Whilst it is naturally surgery heavy; education, research and presentation skills all contribute to the completion of training leading to the satisfactory completion of the program.

The AGES society education committee has been working for many years in bringing this to fruition and we expect that this too will become the gold-standard in surgical education with time.

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