AGES Society Art Prize


AGES is pleased to announce the winner of the AGES Society Art Prize for 2017 is Carrie Pitcher.


Carrie Pitcher is an emerging contemporary artist based in Melbourne, notable for her portraits, that are at once both representational and abstract.

Working with acrylic on canvas, she marries abstract expressionism: swathes of bold colour, and opportunistic mark making, with the narrative of the portrait.

Close-cropped composition and sheer scale create a feeling of intimacy, while layer upon layer of abstract colour impart dynamic energy as if projected across the motif—chosen for a particular quality that engages the artist’s aesthetic sensibility.

Exploring themes of feminine dynamism and identity, the figurative and the abstract are brought together in a body of work that expresses an undefined personal significance, an extension of the artist herself.

Carrie’s artworks will be distributed through various print media to a circulation of more than 6,000 doctors and health professionals. The artworks will be auctioned off at the AGES XXVIII ASM 2018.

Previous Winners


Fiona OmeenyoFiona Omeenyo, from the Lockhart River ‘Art Gang’, was the winner of the AGES Society Art Prize in 2016.

Fiona’s three (3) commissioned artworks, as seen below, were featured on the covers of the AGES Pelvic Floor Symposium 2016, AGES Focus Meeting 2016 and the AGES ASM 2017 brochures.

Fiona’s artworks will be auctioned off at the AGES XXVII ASM 2017 during the Black Tie Gala Awards Dinner, with the proceeds to be donated to Anti-Slavery Australia (, who are working tirelessly to abolish slavery at local, national and international levels.

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